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LSA Seeds · Hawaiian baby woodrose

The seeds of the Argyreia nervosa vine contain a high percentage of LSA, a compound with a long shamanic history that generates a powerful psychedelic experience. Take 4 to 5 seeds for a visionary experience that lasts about 8 hours.



mood lift, euphoria
feelings of insight
increase in sensual and aesthetic appreciation
feeling interested in things one normally ignores
increased giggling and laughing
feeling engaged with the world
closed- and open-eye visuals

general change in consciousness (as with most psychoactives)
altered perceptions
relaxation or laziness (both physical and mental)
changes in perception of time
unusual thoughts and speech
day-after effects light, but no work should be planned

nausea, gas, vomiting (common)
abdominal cramps
delerium, dizziness, confusion
paranoia, fear, and panic (infrequent, more common with higher doses)
LSA generates an altered state of mind that is in some ways similar to the consciousness expansion caused by other tryptamine hallucinogens. Nausea and other stomach complaints are quite common side effects of Hawaiian baby woodrose, which are not caused by the LSA but by other compounds in the seeds. This is why some users choose to extract the LSA from the seeds.


First let the seeds soak in water for a couple of hours. Remove any remaining husk and cut the seeds up in small bits with a knife or pair of scissors They can also be pulverized in a coffee grinder. Put the pieces in a cup and pour hot but not boiling water on them and wait for at least 1½ hours before straining the liquid. Drink this tea first, on an empty stomach, and ingest the pulp half an hour later (or simply discard it).

Best is by chewing them as long as possible until they are all melting in the mouth, the compounds are best absorbed through the tongue.


1. Do not operate heavy machinery. Do Not Drive.
2. Do not use Hawaiian woodrose seeds when pregnant. LSA is closely related to LSD which is a uterine contractor that can increase risk of miscarriage during pregnancy 
3. Individuals currently in the midst of emotional or psychological upheaval in their everyday lives should be careful about choosing to use psychedelics such as Hawaiian Woodrose seeds, as they can bring out dormant emotions. 
4. Individuals with a family history of schizophrenia or early onset mental illness should be extremely careful as psychedelics have been known to trigger latent psychological and mental problems. 
5. Although Hawaiian woodrose belong to the same family as the morning glory, Hawaiian woodrose seeds are much stronger. 
6. Do not combine LSA with alcohol, MAO inhibitors or other drugs.

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