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Space Cookies · Paradise Seeds

The Final Frontier ... Space Cookies is a hybrid that orbits in a cloud of extra powerful sweetness, to launch you towards the stars. This plant provides luxurious riches and you will not have to wait long to share the reward, thanks to its early maturation.

Space Cookies is a powerful, but harmonious hybrid. It combines the relaxing euphoria and distinctive flavor of GSC, a classic but modern American variety, with an injection of Afghan genetics.

This variety is a delicious melting pot of legendary local varieties from India, Africa and South America. The result is a balanced mix of Indica and Sativa, which announces itself with a broad smile and a long-lasting sense of euphoria.

The stability of the genetics of Space Cookies makes this plant an incredible candidate for any indoor crop. It is a medium-sized plant that will grow without much care, and is relatively easy to grow. Good news for those who are initiated in this art.

Experienced growers will appreciate the uniformity of this plant, and the clusters of dense, resinous buds that form on its side branches. At the beginning, a shrub structure is formed which is followed by a moderate extension in height. It is a cannabis strain that will respond particularly well with little care.

Outdoors, Space Cookies is grateful but also practical. He loves the sun of the southern and Mediterranean regions, but also has qualities of resistance to pests and mold: a thin layer that protects it from the less grateful climates of the northern regions (sometimes, presenting touches of purple, in conditions colder).

This Girls Scout comes also covered in jewels, in the form of diamonds that hang from its branches and exhume a relaxing and bitter perfume. The flavor is a significant factor, characterized by sweet nuances and pine that settle on the palate. But this plant also overflows strength, thanks to its lineage, an intense rapid relaxation takes over your being accompanied by a feeling of eternal happiness.

The unique elements of this superior hybrid provide you with relaxation and stimulating qualities, recommended for medical users suffering from pain or depression.

· THC 18-22%
· CBD <0.1%
· Indica / Sativa Ratio 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
· Flowering Time Indoor From 63 Days to 65 Days
· Harvest Month (n.L) Mid October
· Harvest Month (s.L) Mid April
· Effect / Buzz High by longue durée
· Smell / Taste Doux, Pin
· Yield Outdoor (GR / PP) 1000 Gr
· Yield Indoor (gr / m2) 550 Gr

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