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California Gold · Paradise Seeds

Amber honey ... Californian Gold is a powerful hybrid with Indica dominance (80/20), and a real gift for the grower. It is easy to grow and the reward is an explosion of resinous buds.

Paradise Seeds research and development program has been looking for an Indica hybrid with unique qualities, and California Gold has them! With this variety, which commemorates the legalization in the Golden State, we have made a trip to the past to recover some classic Californian genetics, and add an extra to produce something very special.

It was during its development, when the cultivation team observed a strange phenomenon: the production of resin gives it an appearance similar to sweet honey. This plant literally oozes resin!

Californian Gold lives up to its name in terms of cultivation, whether indoors or outdoors. It is a shrubby plant, robust, with fat stems and large leaves; very pleasant to cultivate. In terms of production, aroma and flavor, this plant comes fully equipped.

For the indoor grower, its medium size makes it a good company for the growing cabinet, especially one where height is a problem. Its early flowering time and reliable yield are two qualities that make it a recommended variety, and the production is characterized by large and compact buds, overflowing with resin.

Outdoors, Californian Gold will develop more successfully in hot climates, where the sun will swell these already peculiarly large buds. However, the hybrid nature of this plant makes it adapt well to the cold climates of the northern regions.

It is a perfect plant for any garden, with a predominantly tropical aroma: citrus, bitter and sweet at the same time, with hints of lemon and mango. A tasty snack for any sybarite that invites you to repeat! The effect is wonderfully relaxing for the body, and stimulatingly clear for the head.

Californian Gold is an Indica with a very clean cerebral effect, which produces crispy buds whose genetics provide super relaxing qualities, which will be very attractive for medical marijuana users.

· THC 18-22%
· CBD <0.1%
· Indica / Sativa Ratio 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
· Flowering Time Indoor From 60 Days to 63 Days
· Harvest Month (n.L) Early October
· Harvest Month (s.L) Early April
· Effect / Buzz clean, stimulating, relaxing
· Smell / Taste sweet, fruity, mango
· Yield Outdoor (GR / PP) 750 Gr
· Yield Indoor (gr / m2) 500 Gr

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