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Green Crack · Humboldt Seed Organization

Green Crack CBD of Humboldt Seed Organization is the result of a meticulous work of selection based on science and technology, and on the intuition that we have developed after years of work and research. The classic Californian variety Sweet Skunk, better known as Green Crack, is now available to everyone in its version with high CBD content: the properties of the original version with the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol (CBD).

Green Crack CBD has an intense flavor with strong nuances of mango and pine and pepper aftertaste. Its effect, moderately psychoactive and noticeably euphoric, can last for hours. It is a marijuana variety ideal for daily use and for people with a limited tolerance to cannabis. We are facing a successful advance in the field of cannabinoids, led by HSO, which gives access to a greater number of people to this complex and dynamic plant. A new generation of collectors, growers and gourmets will mark the new era of therapeutic cannabis.

We have created a hybrid, with an elite pedigree, unique among the seeds of therapeutic cannabis. Its vegetative growth is rapid, it develops large and thin leaves, and its root system is very strong. Its structure, with large internodal spaces, favors the distribution of light and its cultivation with the SCROG method. In just 8-9 weeks, their buds, large and elongated, are ready for harvest. Two of its most outstanding features are its spectacular color - purple, red, orange and lime green - and its high resin production.

· CBD seed (feminized)
· Sativa Genotype 60% / Indica 40%
· THC 6%
· CBD 12%
· Flowering indoors 56-63 days
· Indoor production 400-600 + g / m2
· Outdoor production 1-3 + kg / plant
· Outdoor height 1-3 + mrts

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