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Malawi x Panamá ·  ACE Seeds

Malawi and Panama are probably the 2 best sativas and most work in our catalog.
Malawi x Panama is a direct hybrid between the old murderous Malawi and the most refined parental of last generation Panama, creating a hybrid F1 100% sativa that combines excellent sativa genetics from Central Africa and America.

In this F1, Malawi dominates with its structure and character, producing vigorous, very productive sativas, which push to the limit the best floral qualities of the murderous Malawis: ultra resin plants with huge trichomes, dense flowers and excessive power, where Panama contributes to the hybrid with its worked and complex profile of lemon and incensed terpenes.

The effect is triposo, complex, crazy and introverted. Mentally and physically very deep and of very long duration. Only for the toughest and most experienced sativa travelers. Malawi x Panama consistently produces THC concentrations between 21 and 26%, with one of the strongest possible sativa alchemy.

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