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  • Referans: Sweet Seeds
  • Paket ağırlığı: 10gr
  • Tarafından üretilmiştir: Sweet Seeds
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Auto Bloody Skunk · Sweet Seeds

100% Automatic variety. It is an hybrid as the result of  the crossing of our Auto Sweet Skunk  and  selected strain of Red Poison that brings character to the red flowers. The result is a wonderful and very aromatic variety of red flower with a strong and deep Skunk flavour, sweet and extremely nice.The aspect of the plant is very similar to the classic Skunks, shaped fir with abundant side branches, big buds covered by aromatic resin and at the top a large main bud. Flower clusters are very dense and during flowering are completely covered with resin. 


  • Autoflowering 100% 
  • Last Indoor: 350-550 g/m2 
  • Last Exterior: 35-175 g / plant 
  • Indoor / Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks from germination 
  • Height: 60-110 cm 
  • Red Flower: 85% approx. individuals

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