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  • Referans: Positronics
  • Paket ağırlığı: 10gr
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May Day Express Auto · Positronics Seeds

May Day is the result of crossing our Misty-80s, early and compact plant, with females receiving Low Ryder # 2. Descent is classified and organized in batches depending on the recipient female used. Always rejecting lots that do not possess the characteristic of autoflowering.

Very compact plant that is reminiscent of a small fir Christmas. Has a very short distance intermodal with small leaves that make it go unnoticed. It stays green and healthy without extra power. The final height achieved is determined by the time of planting and container size. These are plants that do not reach one meter in height at its finest. May Day is ideal for urban culture and discreet.


  • -Genealogy: LOWRIDER II x MISTY.
  • -Collection: 60-65 days.
  • -Production: 50-80 gr / plant.
  • -THC: 12% CBD: 0.2%
  • -Sensitivity to fungi: HIGH.

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