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  • Referans: Positronics
  • Paket ağırlığı: 10gr
  • Tarafından üretilmiştir: Positronics
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Critical # 47 Express Auto · Positronics Seeds

A perfect cross between two of the sweetest varieties on the market: Critical Mass and AK47. Represents perfection in the development of Skunk varieties. Crusades together we have made the old Skunk taste noticeably enhanced.

Plant medium-high with serrated leaves very fine, a green medium intensity and small internodal distance. Generates lots of cuttings for its highly branched growth pattern.
It is from the third week of flowering when we see the enormous potential and earliness production of this plant. As a major producer also generate lots of buds on the side branches.


  • -Type: Indica dominant.
  • -Production: 400 gr/m2.
  • -Indoor: 50-55 days.
  • -Exterior: Sep. 4th week
  • -THC: 15-18%. -CBD: 0.2%.

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