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EUPHOR-E · 4 caps


Euphor-e · Happy-Caps  The ‘happiest’ cap was also known under the name Smile-E. Because of the blissful effects...

STARGATE 2.0 · 6 caps · Legal XTC


Stargate 2.0 · 6 caps · Legal XTC Stargate 2.0 is a new state-of-the-art herbal formula that comes very close to ‘the real...

ZEN X · 4 Spiritual Lounge Caps


Zen X  · 4 Spiritual Lounge Caps ZenX helps to fight against stress and anxiety. This product brings you the most relaxed 'state of...

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These products, sometimes referred to as "herbal X" contain blends of stimulating herbs and vitamins that give a boost of euphoric energy.

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