• Referans: WISPR
  • Paket ağırlığı: 130gr
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WISPr Lolite · Vaporizer 

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The WISPr Iolite is a new way of consuming your favorite herbs smoke free. Developed in collaboration with design studios Think Tank and Sequitur Creative of San Francisco, the WISPr is a re-invention of what a handheld vaporizer could look and feel in use radical. features: - Foldable Silicone Mouthpiece - Fill level window - 5 color options only - Very elegant design - Provides a dense steam Measurements: - 87x70x29 mm - 128.67 gr. - Operating time: 2,5 h - Power: 125 W - Recharging time: 10 seconds - Fuel: Butane - Ignition: Piezo-electric - Filling Chamber Capacity: 500 mg

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