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Super Gold Auto  · Dr Green Seeds

Super Gold Auto seeds are among the most productive and potent in terms of autoflowering seeds.
The plant of the super gold auto, grows quickly and has many ramifications. This plant will also provide dense buds filled with resin. To control the height of the Super Gold Auto, it is recommended to use small pots (7-11 liters) because in larger pots can reach large sizes. On the outside this autoflowering variety behaves perfectly, and will teach us all its potential.
The taste and aroma of the Super Gold Auto is characteristic, very fresh and with touches to spices. Its effect is potent, and cerebral is increasing as time passes.

Bulk Technical Data Sheet Super Gold Auto:

  • - Flowering indoor: approximately 9 weeks
  • - Amount of THC in the plant: medium-high
  • - Height outside: if we let it grow can reach the meter, but its ideal size would be about 50-70 cm.
  • - Production of the plant: indoor production is at most 100gr and outside of about 150 gr per plant.
  • - Percent sativa-indica: 75% - 25% respectively
  • - Genetics: not known.

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