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Arthrocann Collagen Omega 3 · Annabis

ARTHROCANN Collagen and Omega 3-6, specially designed for adults, athletes and elderly people, is a nutritional supplement that provides the essential Omega 3 and 6 acids extracted from flax and hemp seeds, which are necessary for the body and with anti benefits Inflammatory and analgesic.

Arthrocann Collagen and Omega 3-6 is a nutritional supplement containing collagen type I, collagen type II, vitamin C and D3, ginger, turmeric and boswelii. Its use is highly recommended to treat problems of joints, back, muscle or tendon pains.

 Collagen is a basic structural component of articular cartilage, and vitamin C and D3 are needed to maintain the normal development of bone and joint cartilage. Collagen is found in our bones and joints and has a very important function in ligaments and cartilage. With the passage of time its presence is decreasing, being one of the best options the use of collagen capsules such as those offered by Arthrocann.

These tablets can recover and stimulate the natural production of collagen by our body and improve the processes where this protein intervenes, in addition to all the benefits it will bring to our skin that will be rejuvenated. It also contains omega 3-6 acids extracted from flax and hemp seeds, very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, very interesting from a nutritional point of view. It also contains glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid.

The recommended dose of Arthrocann Collagen and Omega 3-6 is 1 tablet per day, being able to use 2 a day in serious problems. Long-term regular use is also appropriate, has no side effects and does not contain any psychoactive compounds.

Do not exceed the recommended dose and do not pretend to be a substitute for a balanced and varied diet, but it is a supplement that will complement it. It should not be used in children under 3 years of age or in pregnant women.


  • Glucosamine Sulfate (800mg / 1tbl)
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen (225mg / 1tbl)
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Vitamin C (100mg / 1tbl / 100%)
  • Chondroitin sulfate (25 mg / 1 tbl)
  • MSM (25 mg / 1tbl)
  • Linseed Extract (15 mg / 1tbl)
  • Hemp seed extract (15 mg / 1tbl)
  • Anhydrous Sodium Dioxide
  • Hyaluronic Acid (0.5 mg / 1tbl)
  • Boswella serrata (0.5 mg / 1tbl)
  • Ginger (0.5mg / 1tbl)
  • Turmeric (0.5 / 1tbl)
  • Vitamin D3 (5,000 ng / 1tbl / 100%).

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