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CBD Chewing Gum · Endoca

Endoca CBD Chewing Gum is an effective alternative to administer CBD as it provides rapid absorption into the bloodstream. These are chewing gum 100% organic, without sugars, or preservatives and absent of any type of chemical during the process of elaboration, in addition to being totally biodegradable. Each box contains 10 chewing gum with 15mg CBD per chewing gum and a nice and fresh taste of mint and wild mint.

Endoca has decided to combine something as everyday as chicle, with cannabis extract with CBD. For about 20 minutes, the CBD will dissolve allowing the upper capillaries of the mouth to absorb absorbing it over an extended period of time. Easier to carry than other formats of CBD extracts like oils or pastes, it is another excellent option for the consumption of this cannabinoid with so many properties.
CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is surpassing THC as the most interesting active ingredient in cannabis. The CBD has anti-emetic, anticonvulsive, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects, being effective and beneficial in the treatment of a great number of diseases and ailments. And since it is not psychoactive, it has no side effects that can be related to marijuana or marijuana withdrawals. It is 100% legal both its sale and its consumption being a derivative of industrial hemp and not of marijuana.
To produce the CBD chewing gum, Endoca part of latex extracted from Chicozapote trees in tropical forests of Mexico. The latex melts with natural waxes until it becomes the base of the chewing gum. While warm, this base is mixed with xylitol of birch, peppermint, wild mint, sunflower lecithin and hemp oil. They are then pressed and molded into sheets of gum. One of the biggest advantages is its biodegradability, since all its natural components will become dust in a few weeks.


  • Chew the gum about 20 minutes
  • Do not eat or drink for about 15 minutes before chewing the CBD gum or while chewing gum

10 chewing gum with 15mg CBD per chewing gum
Storage time 1 year

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