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KC45 · KC Brains

The KC-45 is an unusual variety among the many selections on the market due to her partial ruderalis heritage. Ruderalis is a distinct Russian subspecies of cannabis whose most notable characteristic is autoflowering. Unlike indica and sativa strains, ruderalis is not triggered into flowering based on the number of hours of darkness. Ruderalis begins flowering automatically after growing to a certain age, even outdoors in her native Russia. KC's ruderalis-sativa hybrid, KC-45, bounces back from stress conditions and can perform in cloudy weather due to its ruderalis mother's minimal need for externally triggered flowering.

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  • Type: Sativa 50% Ruderalis 50%
  • Origins - Russian Ruderalis x Brazilian Sativa
  • Flowering - 56-70 days
  • Harvest - Mid September 
  • Yield - High

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